My #1 Passion: Persuasion


I learned the guts of persuasion over four years of collegiate debate and forensics. I saw what worked. I worked harder. I usually did OK. 

(This time, I was disappointed. Only two trophies.)


How can words create belief, action...even our identities? To find out, I read a lot: history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, mythology, cultural studies...and then I wrote a lot.


What to do after all that reading? Make it practical.  Over six years, I taught 550+ students at the University of Kansas and Concordia University persuasion, public speaking, business communication, social influence, and the history of rhetoric.

My #2 Passion: Making You a Rockstar

Copywriters. PR people. CEOs. Entrepreneurs. Insurance marketers.

Everyone I've spoken to has one thing in common: they want their words to excite, engage, and move others to action. Since 2014, I've made it easier for folks to do just that.

I've shared my know-how at:

Sweet Diploma Shots

Two Universities. Three Degrees. Nine Years. One Major.

3 Truths, 0 Lies

I'm a published author & expert on Victorian prostitution.

(Hint: Invite me to your next cocktail party. I'm cheaper and far more entertaining than a clown.)

Here's my article about prostitution Here's my article about pornography Here's my dissertation

I was a 4-H member for twelve years!

(Why, yes, my White Buttermilk Cake did get a purple ribbon at State Fair!)

And yes, you can have the recipe. :)

Born & raised hell in Northwestern Kansas.

(j/k! I was a super good kid. Mostly.)



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